Social Networking

What we can do

Build one-for-all-platform for various interactions
Targeted/Tailored content for users
Streamline the networking algorithms


Social media platform and interaction
Data access based on users

Machine learning

Image processing to recognize faces
Chatbots and AI tools for Customer service
Generate content for marketing campaigns
Differentiate between important social media posts and the trivial ones
Gather market intelligence based on customer sentiments

Case Studies

Kalakaar is a cross-platform application platform for Job Creation, Matching, Shortlisting and Selection in Modelling/Film industry. This project intends to provide an easy-to-use system connecting Casting Directors/Production Houses/Agencies and Models/Actors.
CoMute is a social commuter app that will serve 2 main purposes for users – one, to inform and to entertain. CoMute combines real-time user-generated scheduling data with a location-based social network.