What we can do
Develop smart lending solutions
Generate disclosures solutions efficiently
Add credit intelligence to your current systems
Smart document management
Simplify the prequalification process
Credit reporting
Loan Application
Stock trading app
Investor Price Management
Loan Packaging/ Underwriting
Open banking
Asset Verification
Smart investment algorithms
eSign Platform
Machine learning
Credit Worthiness of users from past borrowing History
Transaction Fraud Detection using user spending history
Automatic Borrowing Limit allotment - Credit Cards, Loans, OverDraft
Spend forecasting using historical spending data
Case Studies
Brevity is a multi-user, cross-functional, real-time Software platform which is being utilized by The Horn Funding Corp as a loan originating, processing and production system. Brevity intends to provide a single system for all employees, to collaborate and provide mortgage lending (and brokerage) services in the Colorado marketplace.
Thrusto is an online platform for creators and innovators from India who are looking to start their creative projects. Thrusto helps these people accumulate funds needed to start their project through contributions from individuals.