Crowdfunding for creative and innovative projects.


Thrusto( is an online platform for creators and innovators from India who are looking to star t their creative projects. Thrusto helps these people accumulate funds needed to start their project through contributions from individuals.


The Challenge
India is an ocean of creators who need exposure and the right platform to fund their creative projects. A lot of creative and innovative minds are not able to reach their goals due to lack of financial support.
Our thought process and identifications
The project involves a web panel where brilliant minds can post their ideas for projects and the donation goal they require to take the project till completion. This, when approved by the Approval Team can then be shared to anyone on social media or by other methods, so that the people are able to make their desired donations.
About the Company
Tipstat is a software development organization which was founded in the year 2012, with the aim of building smart applications to simplify processes and help our clients grow businesses at a rapid pace
Current Status: Thrusto is live at where creative enthusiasts and innovative minds can register and share their ideas to receive proper funding.