Sports analytics


Organon is a state-of-the-art, technologically robust and futuristic data platform that is the first of its kind in the industry helping organisations capture and manage all sorts of data, discover insights through sophisticated algorithms built into it and rewire their decisions to improve business performance.


The Challenge
The aim was to answer existing questions that are critical to the performance of the Sport Industry as a whole, as well as address latent pains that are yet to be discovered and addressed by the industry. Organon’s built-in algorithms allows it to quantify fan behaviour, impact of planned or unforeseen events, and the impact of any action that is taken by a Sports Organisation. By doing so, the platform essentially correlates different dimensions of these three areas to determine the optimal actions that have to be taken to maximize business performance while ensuring a positive fan attitude.
Our thought process and identifications
The vision of Organon is to influence the sport industry by changing the way sports organisations currently function and helping them take better, data-driven, tactical and strategic decision by helping clients take decisions based on the extraction and intelligent use of data which will not only aid in developing a sound complete marketing strategy but also directly impact the organisation ability to grow revenues organically.
About the Client
Having its offices in Singapore and Bengaluru(India), Proem Sports Analytics consists of renowned data scientists, sports professionals and strategists from across the globe who have delivered immense value to numerous industries such as Sports, Energy, Defence, and Aviation providing a more surgical focus on off-field elements such as sales patterns and ticket pricing to help rightsholders grow their business providing a one-stop destination for all matters related to off-field management, be it data capture, intelligence, or execution. Proem provides business guidance and insights through proven data driven methodologies.
Current Status: The application is live and being used by Proem Sports